Patrycja Ivey is a native of Poland with a diverse educational background and a passion for art.

After completing an MBA in International Consulting from a University of Applied Sciences in Germany, Patrycja took a bold step and pursued a Bachelor of Nursing from UCF.

However, her true passion for art never faded, and she further honed the art  skills by studying graphic design at Seminole College and taking numerous art courses in various institutions and online platforms.

Though art was always her true calling, it wasn't until she arrived in Florida that she fully embraced it. Becoming an artist at the Hub on Canal and showcasing her vibrant and colorful paintings in various galleries and stores Patrycja’s artwork reflects the positivity and brightness of her surroundings in Florida.

With her uplifting and happy paintings, she has the remarkable ability to lift spirits and spread joy through her art.

Patrycja continues to explore her artistic journey, leaving a mark with every stroke of the brush and every splash of color.